A couple outside looking at their new home

Construction Loans

Eaton Community Bank has helped countless families build their dream home. In fact, construction lending is one of our specialties and we offer one of the best programs around.

  • Finance the construction of a primary residence or vacation home
  • Choose any of our fixed or ARM loans and we'll add a construction phase to the front end. Rates are the same as non-construction loans
  • One closing; no need for a second closing or conversion to a long-term loan upon completion of the home like many other construction programs
  • Rate and payment is fixed up front based on the loan type you choose; no rate and payment adjustment occurs after completion of the home like many other construction programs
  • Interest only during the construction phase of your new home (6 Months) and then converting to fully amortizing payments. We make construction easy, there is no need to refinance, relock rates, or deal with additional paperwork after construction is complete.

Take the next step towards building the home of your dreams,  Apply Now through our quick and convenient online application or contact a local Eaton Community Bank loan officer today!